28th October 2834
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HD video still from 28th October 2834 (Jan-Feb 2015)

28th October 2834
19 February – 29 March 2015
Spaced 2: Future Recall
Western Australian Museum
Perth, Australia

Commissioner: Marco Marcon / Spaced

HD video (00:28:34); lithographic reproduction; newspaper centre spread (Mandurah Coastal Times, 18.02.15)

Project credits:
Cinematography and post production:
Iain Frengley
Designer: Warren Olds / Studio Ahoy
Printmaker: Struan Hamilton
Lithographer: Terry Maitland

Maddie Leach residency blog
Mandurah, WA

Generously supported by:
International Art Space, Perth
College of Creative Arts Toi Rauwharangi, Massey University Wellington
Elam School of Fine Arts,
University of Auckland
Sue Grey-Smith and Alisdair Wardle

With warmest thanks to:
Harry Nannup, Kim Jameson, Barb Thoms, Carolyn Marks / CASM Gallery, Deidre Robb, Paddi Creevey, Shire of Murray Records Office, Marco Marcon, Katherine Wilkinson,
Victor Gentile, David Cross, g. bridle,
Adrian McCleland

Interviews with Maddie Leach (2014)
Filmed and produced by Victor Gentile for Spaced